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Packages | Education| CSC Construction Contract Administration (CCA)

CSC Construction Contract Administration (CCA)

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Contract administration involves making decisions and the timely flow of information and decisions to enable completion of the project as required by the contract documents including review and observation of the construction project. This is important to the Owner and Consultant not only to determine that the work is proceeding in conformity with the contract documents, but also because it allows a final opportunity to detect any inaccuracies, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the design.
The objective of the CCA program is to improve construction contract administration by providing education related to the administration and enforcement of contract requirements during the construction phase of the project.
This advanced level course will take the individual beyond the concepts previously introduced in the PCD course. Although some of the same topics are included in this course, the depth of understanding and explanation exceed that of the PCD course.
The course is designed for those individuals involved in construction administration, including Contract Administrators, Property Managers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Specification Consultants, Building Authorities, and Bonding and Insurance Agencies.

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