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Packages | References| CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 08 (2006, English)

CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 08 (2006, English)

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Part 08 – GLOSSARY

Part 08 of the Manual of Practice has been developed as a multi-purpose document for use by the Canadian construction industry. The words, terms and definitions have been derived for Canadian usage by participants within the construction industry.

The primary purpose for this Glossary is to identify common terminology used in CSC documentation and to clarify the meaning of the words and terms used. It is intended that this Glossary be used as an integral part of every CSC educational program, course, or technical seminar and that the terminology within be used consistently throughout all CSC documentation. Usage of abbreviations and acronyms are not supported by CSC and are not included in this document, primarily due to the lack of standardization of their use and meaning.

The Glossary is not intended to be a dictionary nor a thesaurus of construction terminology used in Canada, but identifies words and terms with definitions and contexts as they are used in CSC documents. This Glossary does not include those technical terms associated with technical specifications and drawings, but which will be part of an expanded future Glossary.

The Glossary is organized alphabetically and contains only a single definition for each word or term listed. Other definitions and uses for the terminology may exist when used in other contexts.

This Part includes words and terms are predominantly shown in the singular form, with the assumption that the plural form does not change the definition. When used in specifications, words and terms derived from CCDC, CCA and other contract form documents are italicized to denote their special significance by that contract form’s definition.

Definitions for words and terms that are defined in other relevant documents, such as Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) documents, are included and identified as to their origin. In other instances the reader is directed to Part 9 – Appendices of the CSC Manual of Practice for definitions from other document sources.

The new MOP is organized and structured as follows:
• Part 01 – Introduction
• Part 02 – Project Delivery
• Part 03 – Conceptual Planning
• Part 04 – Design
• Part 05 – Construction Documents
• Part 06 – Construction
• Part 07 – Facilities Management
• Part 08 – Glossary
• Part 09 – Appendices
• Part 10 – References

NOTE: The CSC MOP is an electronic product that can be downloaded and printed. A binder and dividers will be mailed for assembling the documents after printing.


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