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Packages | References| CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 10 (2006, English)

CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 10 (2006, English)

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Part 10 of the Manual of Practice addresses and references industry documents associated with project technical information usually required with the development of drawings and the technological aspects of specifications. These documents may be referenced for information on construction industry practices as well as information on product and material sources.

This Part contains a detailed listing of construction industry organizations that offer documents and information described in this chapter.

The backbone of the activities we do and the way we do them, is words, terms and phrases. Without these mechanisms, we would be unable to communicate with each other. Our industry does not have the benefit of a dedicated construction dictionary or thesaurus which we can all depend. There have been and still are a few published works out there, but none have risen to the challenge as being our very own reference source.

These works were developed primarily in the USA leaving Canada with a void of an effective reference source. There was an effort in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the Government of Canada - Industry Trade and Commerce in their BEAM (Building Equipment and Materials) program. This effort was to develop a comprehensive construction thesaurus, but that fell by the wayside and wasn=t completed. In the meantime, there have been focused and somewhat limited efforts by several Canadian groups to help fill the void.

The MOP Part 10 is bundled with the following hardcopy CSC documents:
MasterFormat 2004 Edition
Uniformat 1998
SectionFormat 1997
PageFormat 2000

The new MOP is organized and structured as follows:
Part 01 Introduction
Part 02 Project Delivery
Part 03 Conceptual Planning
Part 04 Design
Part 05 Construction Documents
Part 06 Construction
Part 07 Facilities Management
Part 08 Glossary
Part 09 Appendices
Part 10 References

NOTE: The CSC MOP is an electronic product that can be downloaded and printed. A binder and dividers will be mailed for assembling the documents after printing.


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