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Packages | References| CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 02 (2006, French)

CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 02 (2006, French)

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Part 02 of the Manual of Practice defines the various parties, delivery methods and contract types utilized in the execution of a project.

Every construction project, from the simplest facility to the most complex infrastructure work, requires a team of individuals, firms, and companies (a project team) that are responsible for developing, executing, and completing the design and construction of any project. The size of any project team will depend upon the degree of complexity, physical size, budget, and time required to produce and complete a project. To achieve this objective, a plan must be put in place to deliver a project to successful completion. Hence the term “project delivery”.

Project Delivery is addressed in this MOP Part in three (3) distinct aspects:
• the parties involved (the people),
• the methods used to deliver the project (the method), and
• the variety of contract types that may be used (the contract type).

There are many variations to delivering a project that are used in our contemporary construction industry. This Part of the MOP is intended to provide an understanding of the many approaches that can be utilized, yet working from a basis of past and recent experiences.

The parties involved in delivering a project usually include:
• an owner, client or primary tenant,
• a design consultant and subconsultants,
• a project or construction management firm or agent, and
• a single contractor or a number of contractors.

The principle and common methods used to deliver a project that are identified in this Part are:
• design-bid-build,
• design-build (or design-negotiate-build),
• owner-builder (turn-key),
• project management, and
• construction management.

There are many contract types and variations. The common types of project delivery that are identified in this Part are:
• single (stipulated price) contract (the most common especially for public funded work),
• unit price contract (usually for certain civil engineering work),
• cost plus contract (usually for extensive renovation work) and
• multiple prime contracts (sometimes referred to as fast- track) - usually portions of a project, sequentially released to a determined schedule.

The new MOP is organized and structured as follows:
• Part 01 – Introduction
• Part 02 – Project Delivery
• Part 03 – Conceptual Planning
• Part 04 – Design
• Part 05 – Construction Documents
• Part 06 – Construction
• Part 07 – Facilities Management
• Part 08 – Glossary
• Part 09 – Appendices
• Part 10 – References

NOTE: The CSC MOP is an electronic product that can be downloaded and printed. A binder and dividers will be mailed for assembling the documents after printing.


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