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Packages | References| CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 07 (2006, French)

CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 07 (2006, French)

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Part 07 of the Manual of Practice addresses the operation and maintenance of a facility after the new or renovated construction process is nearly complete. This Part also addresses considerations that come into play when a facility needs to be changed:
• to address new tenants,
• to increase or decrease functional spaces,
• to update or upgrade facility functional components or operating equipment,
• to upgrade facility to newer codes or regulations, or
• to change a facility for a host of other reasons.

Nothing happens in facilities management until people get involved because the whole purpose of maintaining a facility is to cause facility spaces and their operation to function in an efficient manner, and later to address proposed changes. Facility managers are expected to work together with their staff and outside third-party vendors to achieve the most efficiency from a facility, and to address current and future changes.

Facility management, as outlined in this Part, can be an effective and efficient mechanism to:
• assist a contractor to finish a newly constructed facility and learn from that experience, and
• to continue in a new domain to operate and maintain a facility as it was intended.

Facility management usually requires a team of trained people from various vocations and a qualified team leader - a facility manager.
This part describes:
• basic responsibilities and organization of a facility management operation,
• the interface between the facility manager and a project/construction team,
• the resource materials prepared during the project for the facility manager’s use, and
• the assessment process used in determining the value and functionality of a facility.

The new MOP is organized and structured as follows:
• Part 01 – Introduction
• Part 02 – Project Delivery
• Part 03 – Conceptual Planning
• Part 04 – Design
• Part 05 – Construction Documents
• Part 06 – Construction
• Part 07 – Facilities Management
• Part 08 – Glossary
• Part 09 – Appendices
• Part 10 – References

NOTE: The CSC MOP is an electronic product that can be downloaded and printed. A binder and dividers will be mailed for assembling the documents after printing.


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