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Packages | References| CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 09 (2006, French)

CSC Manual of Practice (MOP) - Part 09 (2006, French)

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Part 09 of the Manual of Practice addresses and references third party documents associated with construction contracts and agreements. These documents may be referenced by formal statements from within a Project Manual, for purposes of authorship convenience.

This Part contains a detailed listing of construction industry organizations that offer these documents and information.

The planning, design and construction of a facility or structure requires project resource information to be identified, collected, circulated, shared and archived on a continuing basis, through a variety of processes involved in our industry:
The strategies to achieving these activities vary from the small one or two person firm to the larger, more complex organized firms.
Resource files are a vital part of the working tools of a design consultant, manager or contractor offices, to address required needs.
A good reference library is necessary to influence the efficiency and quality of work of a construction industry firm to support and enhance these activities.
If resource files are poorly organized or are sparse on the subject required, they invariably limit the choices of known resources available.
Each industry party involved must ensure the availability, accuracy, and timeliness of resource information, since these types of resources are updated continuously.

A designer, specifier, project or construction manager or other resource persons must:
keep up to date on the latest documents,
transpose the relevant source material into specification documents or specification sections and
have access to this information for prompt and easy use.

This process of finding and acquiring information is eased considerably by searching the Internet for subject-relevant web sites and downloading the information. Much of this information is available for download, but usually the more formal documents must be paid for.

The acquisition and upkeep of current information is extremely important:
out-of-date information is misleading and can cause creation of construction documents that are incorrect,
referencing out-of-date information is a dangerous and a costly happening with a potentially costly result (to the party that used such information) and other innocent third parties,
faulty information can lead to disputes and can result in more cost or extended construction time or both.

The new MOP is organized and structured as follows:
Part 01 Introduction
Part 02 Project Delivery
Part 03 Conceptual Planning
Part 04 Design
Part 05 Construction Documents
Part 06 Construction
Part 07 Facilities Management
Part 08 Glossary
Part 09 Appendices
Part 10 References

NOTE: The CSC MOP is an electronic product that can be downloaded and printed. A binder and dividers will be mailed for assembling the documents after printing.


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