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CSC Specifier Course

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The CSC Specifier course is a comprehensive overview of the construction specification profession in Canada. At the completion of the course, students will have a solid grasp of a specifier’s role, legal issues including contracts, bidding and disputes, writing style used in the profession and how to close out a project. A wide range of professional scenarios are explained, often using real-life examples.
Skills acquired in this course include:
• Understanding legal contracts
• Understanding the function of the project manual and associated drawings.
• Developing the basis for good specifications.
• Improved writing skills
• Understanding the process of researching and selecting products.

The CSC Specifier course continues from where the PCD course ends and is a more in-depth education on the special techniques and skills required to write the procurement and contractual requirements of: Division 00; the administrative, procedural and temporary requirements of Division 01; and the technical specifications of Divisions 02 – 49.
The Specifier covers the following topics: Introduction; General Review; Types of Construction Contracts and Project Delivery Methods; Procurement and Contracting Requirements; Lien Legislation, Bonds, Insurance and Dispute Mechanisms; Specification Writing Basics: Grammar, Spelling and Conventions; Specification Writing – Getting Started; Writing From a Master Specification; Writing Original Specification Sections; Product Selection, Research and Assessment; Codes and Standards; Division 01 – Administrative and Procedural Requirements; Division 01 – Temporary Facilities and Controls; Division 01 – Performance Requirements and Life Cycle Activities; Relationships and Coordination – Divisions 00, 01 and Technical Sections; Specifying Quality and Performance Requirements; and Specifying For Special Requirements

CSC Member Price: $130.00 CSC Non-Member Price: $150.00. Please contact Spex.ca office to acquire CSC Member pricing.

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