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Workbook for Product Representatives

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Reference Workbook for Construction Product Representatives (CPR)

Manufacturer’s representatives and construction technical product representatives are unique in the industry in that they do not, at any time, actually write specifications but they greatly influence their creation. Their importance in the development of the specification and the construction of a building or facility is so great that their membership in the design team, is imperative.

In the early 1980’s, programs of instruction were developed at some community colleges to support the education of qualified industry persons including manufacturers representatives. Teaching manuals were sporadically developed by industry experts, which were distributed by a few associations, as well as forming the basis for new curricula of instruction. Some individuals, from a variety of educational backgrounds, have now become certified (by Construction Specifications Canada {CSC} as a CTR {Certified Technical Representative}) and recognized as such by the industry.

In more recent years, the needs of construction technical/product representatives have been more clearly realized and some training programs have been implemented by CSC. To date, however, there has not been an open published text specifically developed to act as a learning tool for these people.

A decision was made in 1999, to develop this text book and address this need. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to develop this document and to express our experiences. We understand that its strengths and limitations will be crystal clear as it is used as a textbook. We welcome feedback and look forward to publishing updated and revised editions.

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