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PCD Course Manual

The PCD course is an introductory program that gives participants a better understanding of construction documentation (including specification, drawings and schedules), products, bidding procedures and contracts.

The course is designed for individuals involved in the construction industry who are required to produce, read, supply products for, or rely on, the project manual/specifications. It is also a pre-cursor to other CSC education courses.

The focus is to emphasize the relationship that exists between specifications and drawings, and the role of the industry participants. Contract documents and the project manual have an intrinsic relationship with each other, with standard pre-printed contract documents, and with associated documents; this course explains these relationships.

The PCD covers the following topics: Ethics and Codes of Conduct; Construction Process; Production of Construction Documents; Project Delivery and Contract Types; Codes and Standards; Risk and Legal Issues; Building Science; Contract Administration and Communications.

CSC Member Price: $120.00 CSC Non-Member Price: $150.00. Please contact Spex.ca office to acquire CSC Member pricing.